26 Jun 2011

screw up

emm a short and pathetic hi from me. i slept at 3 last night. too many things're spinning in my mind. how i wish i could mushy them into a rubbish and throw it to dustbin. well i don't know how many times i've said hat i'm tired really fuckin superb shitty tired!!!
exhaustion of patience. am way too patient as a human nyeheh. i don't care anymore and i'm sure this time. too much pain and i better do leave all the asdfghjkl things behind. it's my time to move on ohyehh! \m/
i'm done with Eda's request,new one from Mr.DanialRon. that should be me is in my to-do list and i'm trying with AndrewGarcias' crazy too. See ya,dumb-er!:)

25 Jun 2011

tiny smile was back.

well,have no mood to update blog this lately week. have nothing to type about. last night,i got my tiny smile back. just a tiny-not a huge one yet. extremely happy cause of something. as poeple say,we can't lie to our own feelings. it's not as easy as blink your eyes or whatever. i said the truth about what had happened,wear a thick mask,shame. and as i guess before i can't control my eyes. i'm whining ohyeh again yes i'm whine. the point is that iknow you're still do :') still do.
made white horse cover and it's requested by EdaFlynee. broken guitar playing and again my fingeries were injured by the string. enjoy!:D

20 Jun 2011

i am nut.

holahhh! snapped some photos last night.

ohyeh,just uploaded new video. if you stay by Joseph V.
not a good vid,bad voice,bad guitar-playing :/ looks like a ghost,my bangs.

guess what,tomorrow is 22th,doomsday. prefer i wake up late than going to school for hours to take that report book. however i hope the best for the result.

16 Jun 2011

lazy me.

hii,just woke up from my long sleep. it's 12.10 am now,haven't taken my brunch and bath yet. hehehe. these are like my usual thing to do.
ohyeh this is what i called with holiday. be understanding madam,i just can do this in holiday. school really makes me become busy-man. wake up at 6am,come home in 5 pm. i just spend 12 hours at home. 8 hours,i use it for sleep. 4 hours,including the dinner and bath. arghhh,imagine how tired.
yehyeh whatever,i'm enjoying my holiday and i'll release all my tired in this lovely beloved holiday. SMOOCH:*

whoever this is,to be honest he/she is like beggar :/

14 Jun 2011

10 things about me.

The Rules:
- Each tagged person must tell things about themselves
- You have to choose and tag 10 person
- Go to their blog and tell them you tagged them
- No tags back
- Have fun!

The 10 things:
☺ i'm super thin,43kg.
☺ i'm tall enough,170cm.
☺ i love eating,in a day i can eat more than 4 times but i'm not fat,note it:D
☺ i use bracets and i'm not comfortable with it.
☺ i better shut up and pretend nothing happened than i have to fight them. doesn't mean i'm afraid or what but i make them as a dumb people. talk to my ass.
☺ you treat me good,i'll treat you best.
☺ spend my whole time with doing useless things.
☺ i'm lazy,i love sleep,i'd ever woken up at 4 pm.
☺ my worst habbit is if i want a new stuff i'll ask my dad to buy if for me and after i get it i use it no longer than 2 or 3 months and i'll put it in my board and byebye i won't touch it for longs time.
☺ i love God,family and of course my friends♥

I tag no-one.

so blank.

hi,short and simple. if you didn't say hi to me,i won't never ever known you. lol ok enough,i won't write about it.
ohyehh,my maid is too asdfghjkl i don't know why i can hate her so much. if i was allowed,i would chop chop chop her body into pieces grrr.
too tousled as a maid. i'm not un-polite or what but she's really erghhhhhh.
i don't know what i'm going to type. last night i waited like a dumb. i think you forgot :<

snapped this last night,while waiting haha i'm dumb. erghh see ya!:)

wondering it was me ):

13 Jun 2011


ahayyyy! wake up and it's still holiday. wearing silly sissy bossini kids shirt and short pants,sitting in front of the screen and typing the 2nd line.
wake up with swollen eyes and feel like last night i had some stages with mike tyson and chris john. i was done with whining till my pillow's wet at all. i'm childish oh yess i'm chaterine. so what? i don't care about other's thinking. if they like it let's be friend. they don't like? it's their right and it's not my business. kiss my ass! HAHA

uploaded new vid 2 days ago,enjoy!:D

11 Jun 2011

silly voices in the midnight.

ohh yehhhh! last night i got so many voicenotes from these 2 silly girls.
i can't imagine how silly their face and their expression.
if this asdfghjkl blog has add voicenote option i'll upload them! lol

visit them,they're pretty and cuteeeeee <3


a big muahmuah for them hihihihihi (;

10 Jun 2011


grrrrr,my mom keep blabbering me cause my bangs looks like ghost HAHAHA.
whatever,i don't have any intention to cut it till i take my report book.
not a bad night,but doesn't mean a GOOD one.

Goodluck for tonight,drummer <3


and spend some minutes to check my friend's channel,thanks:D

Cute Running Puppy