27 Apr 2012

hidden feeling

hi,i do feel so muchie better than before. everything is gettting better slowly. i don't expect for a quickly one. slowly but sure hehe :D
sometimes it's hard for me to describe what i feel. something which is so complicated,when you try to rethink over and over but you still don't know what you're feeling yet you do really realize you're feeling something.
nah,i often get that feeling these lately.
boredom is killing me slowly,i'm a real unemployed. i need a job. i've been always waiting for this time. earn some money by myself. but i stuck at one thing,i'm a real real sleeplover. i don't want to wake that early during my holidays! the criterias of my dreamed job are:
1. when i do wrong,the boss maybot blabber me up
2. i can choose the shift by my own so i can sleep as long as possible
3. simple & easy job with a high salary
4. someone please slap me bcause imma out of consciousness kthanksbyeeee :)

miago captured this :D<3

19 Apr 2012

the deep agony

it's been long long time ago i didn't post any. this site almost lost its life & i feel the same. been too busy w everything. many unexpected things happened. things changed. the are really unpredictable,out of my thought. what to say? nothing much can be done. cried a river :( everybody know crying can't solve anything but why we keep doing it? don't blame any. mad at the fate much,fck.
anyway,i'm done w all the tests. i'm feeling like a hubbub free butterfly. but still,things are keep stucking in my mind. i don't feel any excited,even though long holiday is in my hand right now. little thing gladden me a bit,but just in a short time. i'm so distressed right now. i'm too lazy to face everything these lately. i hope everything goesbetter,byeee
Cute Running Puppy