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22 Jan 2012

wanna escape to paradise

hi,tomorrow is cny,what a night. sitting down in front of lappie to pass this cny eve. feel so bored & got not too many things to type about. viewed old photos at bali years ago. i miss being there. being at paradise for a week long. sitting in the seaside in the early morning. i miss the feel when the sole of my foot touch the whitey softy sand. i miss bebek bengil fulled my tummy. i miss the paradise & feel like wanna escape myself from this hullabaloo town,soon :(

say hello to holidays.

19 Jan 2012

this ain't long one

hi,finally it's friday. time passed so quick or it got something wrong w my clock? oh just forget it. i'll skip tomorrow class,make my own holiday. chinese new year is coming & i don't really think it's so special this year. ain't it? or just my feeling? the time when i was kiddo,got home and felt so happy w the heaps of redpockets. it's quite different w now. feel so awkward to receive so many reds yet you won't ignore:D will have family gathering tonight & also a quality taim w miago heeee. not a long holiday,just got 8 days,indeed i need more,more and never enough.

random things

15 Jan 2012

calmy is so craved

hi,this is lazy sunday,really. haven't taken any bath yet it's 5pm already. 1001 night cynthia's blast at JW was great.
also having a quality taim w miago heheee <3 have discussed something about 17teen w mom. she said it's a significant moment and blabla. i'm in her cage. everything i'll do should be confirmed. even the tiny thing like this is taken care of her. this question is always surrounding. when i could do something by myself? by my own decision? could decide something by my own? yet she's the one i love the most :(
really don't think so & i never get what she meant. significant & quality moment are depend on who you're celebrating w. not because huge of humans come to your party and so on. some say i'm weird or what else. don't like crowdy moment,place.
prefer sitting in the corner alone. i feel so annoyed of noisy all around me,you're the one will be stared at. oh-faint! just like you play dinner dash,all you hear is noise.
i'm feeling like want to plug something in their mouth. peaceful,calmy place is the one i crave the most. i think like oh seriously :(

7 Jan 2012

the only moodbooster failed

first of all,big sorry. fckin disappointed w today. terribly excited then fckin worst modiness i got. yes i'm way like a kiddo who is so fckin spoiled when i'm sick. i feel so fckin bad. idk how fckin worst my feeling now and i got a fckin fever. i'm so fckin want to end this fckin night. it suffers me a lot. don't give me any fckin comment about my post cause you don't have any right. yes,maybe through these fckin sentence,i'll feel better or worse? :(((((((((((((((((((

5 Jan 2012

butterfly in cage

hi,holiday was over & i do really need a longer one. gonna be bored again to face the reality that i've to step my foot at school. can't wait for chinese newyear's holiday. even though i wasn't going anywhere,i prefer to stay at home to handing books for my half day. let's back to holiday. i've gotten so much fun,quality taim♥ so extremely terribly glad. somehow,it was my very first experience of having kind of that quality taim & i don't even imagine it :p crave for more & never felt enough :( big big sigh,used to sleep & wake up lately during the holiday. nails are trimmed,nail polished are removed. hello daily alarm,daily routine & school,geez :'(
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