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22 Jan 2013

ĂȘtre bien

it's been days even almost a month i didn't touch this blog,and it almost has no signs of life anymore. so many things happened,starting from i entered hospital's emergency room because of the terrible gastric and the pain was really untold. and miracle happened to my exam's result. i know it's too late to talk about this but.........alright. my bad habit appears again these days,selfish me. should always get what i want and expect. doing what i want to without ponder what others feel. always grim whenever my mood want to be. gosh,the hardest thing to do in this life ain't to solve accounting or physics question yet to change ur bad habit and becoming a better person. yes,nothing as easy as a piece of cake. anyway,check my new sounds on souncloud,au revoir!
                                ☺ u're my everything - glenn fredly (cover) 
                                ☺ be alright - justin bieber (cover)

"never give up on something you really want. it's difficult to wait but more difficult to regret."

8 Jan 2013


staying up late for each other and barely staying awake. passing each other between classes and stopping to say hi,but ending up running to your next class right before the bell rings. yesh,uncertainty of how long it will last,a risk you're both willing to take.
so,i've that mood to take pict in bnw effect these lately. college has started and truly said i'm so lazy. nothing much to do and currently is killing my boredom by covering some songs. pardon for my ducky voice :p
click this to hear de' ducky voice :p
".. but when you are attracted to someone,it's because of the details.. their kindness,their eyes.. their smile.. the fact that they can get you to laugh when you need it most." - nn

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