7 Apr 2013

lazy hog

i've been going thru unproductive days these lately. been a lazy hog, all i want is laying on bed for a day long and doing nothing. i know it's not good but am so craving for it. this unhealthy body didn't really make movements for so long, sit for more than 20 hours each day, eat junkfood too often. don't imitate me for living w a so not good lifestyle. i don't even remember the last time i exercised. really need to change this bad habit but "later" always be the answer. who can resist relaxing time anw? :p

p.s : i'm having two weeks holiday to prepare final exam yet not sure if am going to use them tactfully, bye.

"tomorrow; the best time to do everything you had planned today."

2 Apr 2013

keep life beautiful

have opened and typed for several times but always ended in the draft and deleted. old habit as a lazybones is infected but finally i win against it :p
second day of april and it's cloudy outside. been so over glad these few days. anyway, march has given so many bitter-sweet thingy yet i'm grateful for every single thing that had happened. hope to see the much-better-march next year. simple april wish being prayed, hoping to do well and pass all subjects. and i also hope everything will go finely and months ahead will rise lucently :)♥

"what's meant to be, will always find a way to be."
Cute Running Puppy