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14 Mar 2013

i di ots

just want to remind that we are living in a world full of idiots. live a little. we'll never be as young as we are right now. and we'll never get this back. ever.

this caught my eyes,anyway haha

13 Mar 2013

the eighteen

i know,posting this post is way too late bcause i got so many things to do and solve yet everything goes better,gladness overload . and thanks to all of them :)♥

3 Mar 2013

blame it on the rain

march, it's been a year since that messy thing happened and another early twinged thing happened again this year. it's supposed to be an exhilarate month, gladden me, instead of messing me around. though the word of "pathetic" can't even describe itself. this morosed-lady is wondering whether some people's time could be bought. it ain't abt pampered tho but everyone needs time. things are so sickening me, and always like this year to year. that's why i keep cursing my day. guessing how long i could hold on, doing the same inane thing each night. another part of me feels exhausted and surfeited yet there are still some reasons which keep telling me to defend. but, is it worth?

"the silence depressed me. it wasn't the silence of silence. it was my own silence." - the bell jar
Cute Running Puppy