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31 Agt 2012

allo! going to attend college's orientation tomorrow. should arrive at 5 in the very early morning and should have our hair braided,12 braids exactly. idk how our looking gonna be. guess that those 2 days are going to be the worst shameful day,bye

19 Agt 2012


allo! it's been long times i couldn't sleep this long. 11 hours of sleep like finally. i was so sleep-less these days. enjoy my work much so far. it ain't too difficult and nor easy. so far so good.
currently at home. gotta spend these short holidays by laying all day long,munching everything which can be munched. ma best hobby ever hehe!
i have gotten "that power". if you got what i mean. so,i have not so many things to type. here are some photos. au revoir! :)

Cute Running Puppy