6 Jun 2013

annoying asker

"ur worst day of ur life is when u go to the wrong class period. my worst day of my life is being told i might have cancer. ur worst fear is to be embrassed in front of the whole school. mine is dying without telling people how i really fell and dying regretting something. u complain abt how bad ur food taster. i'm happy i can finally eat and keep it down. i have so many reasons to look at the down side but yet i look at the bright side. u have so many reasons to look at the bright side but yet u look at the down side. u should change that. cause life is a whole lot better looking at the bright side."
these sentences actually mean a lot and someone might say this to me so that i can feel a bit grateful for what i have now and stop complaining thru the days. but yet, people can't ever get satisfied. who to blame then?

Cute Running Puppy