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23 Okt 2012

F photography


hi hi hi hi hi! i was so stressed abt the quiz. and going to be more than stressed abt the mid test. i feel regret for joined science class. my brain says null abt management and all the subjects in it. how i wish i could escape myself from college and everything abt knowledge. okay,sorry for talking shits.
i joined photography contest just for the certificate. 10 certificates are required in graduation which is still 3 years hundred days later. so,i have tiny business with firbert. guess i'm too sly. to be true hahaha! i won the contest. thanks for the kind-hearted who voted for me. and it's also bcause of the photographer. these are his work,take a look! :D
credit to @CtbertLicious

this photo won the contest :p

14 Okt 2012

back to hellydays

hi! just got back from study tour. everything was quite fun! but skin getting tanner and i'm so sleep-less. some of my anguishes during those 5 days :
  • carried my overweight bag and one big plastic bag bcause of not taking luggage
  • my wallet is crying out now
  • my right arm was harmed when i escaped myself from vex ghost at haunted house
  • my new shoes were broken when i ran from the ghost who was chasing me away and the accessories were left inside 
  • two of my room-mates heard someone walking towards me when i'd fallen asleep in the middle of the night in the popular scary hotel 
  • my friends told their scary incident in their room and the results,my room-mates should carried me to my room,i had no guts to walked me to bathroom and i endured my pee a night long
that's all for now. don't have too many pictures bcause i didn't bring my camera there. tests are coming in this week and i haven't touched them yet. rip me and byebye.

5 Okt 2012

bull and shit

if i type about "those" who talk bullshit,this page won't never ever be enough. why? ask them,don't ask me. ask them why they created bullshits in that uber large amount. they think they're cool with all their creepy bullshits. it's just what they think and reality talks the reverse. actually they should be ashamed with everything which came out from their mouth. licking own spittle ain't cool,dude. get offense? not my business.

"silence is better than bullshit."

3 Okt 2012

as a dumby

2 months has passed. but me,the dumby,is still stupid. i still need to learn and learn more. made mistake for third times. yes i'm the most pitiful human,maybe? my salary has flown away LOL. actually i should be sad instead of laughing like an idiot. life is hard,it's so true. hahahaha a day long. i'm mad already. everything arround drives me crazy.
going to have short holiday for 5 days like finally. having study tour at KL w collegians sounds uber great. nothing more to say,byeeee!

 jiajia is way too cuteeee ☺♥


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