29 Okt 2013


the only thing i'm good at is destroying myself, by:

  1. having a high expectation (they said) 
  2. paying too much attention at one sucked thing that doesn't worth, even just a measly of it
  3. over reacting at haps
  4. do think a lot abt others, always try to yield with some till they forget to do their turn towards me
  5. always have negative feelings of everything
  6. always ends up blaming myself like "i'm always fucking things up, always."
  7. have the feeling of "i didn't really want to kill myself, but i kind of did."
  8. being so often to deal with "it's ok anyway, i'm getting used to it."
  9. my mood swings, i can go from being happy to depressed in a matter of seconds
  10. having to repeat "yeah, i'm fine, just tired" continuously thru out the day
you just can't imagine what's happening inside my head and how my mind works with its way, over thinking of everything which always leads me to be so mad. feeling as a dead who is breathing lately.


6 Okt 2013


for seriously, found two things that burst out the hell of me, a cute logo that suits me so.
and these sentences....


Cute Running Puppy