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30 Agt 2011

totally blank

hiii helliess. nothing to do,what-to-do list is totally blank. emm had a great dinner at jade w/ michellewijaya last sunday♥ boring holiday,however i love this than school day,exactly! will head to prapat tomorrow,better stay at home buttt home alone is out of ability lol 5 days no news,ahh so missy ):
snapped some random picts,here they are.

16 Agt 2011

citizen laying on bed

*ID* happy 66th independence day Indonesia. hope the best four you beloved country. i'm proud to be an indonesian :D
i'm a good citizen actually but way too lazy to attend the ceremony at school. while people are putting their hands up on their head,i'm lazying on my bed,sleep well here and get a nice dream tahaaa. emm it's my bro bornday,mom cooked deliciass dishes and someone will arrive my home soon nyehehhh,bye..

15 Agt 2011

kiddo oh mommah

heliesshi,stressed out of exams and i need holiday soon before i went mad. again,i can't guess what's in my mom's mind. she often come to my room these lately weeks and ask me so many things. and have just argued with her about college. what she said and i got it,really. i'm just five y.o kiddo in her eyes. yes i can't stand alone,i can't do anything. but i need time to start them,do them alone. but what? she said i can't i can't and i can't. woahhhh stressed! i love her for caring mehh,and i know every mommah in this world do the same. i think i won't married and stay with her forever,i repeat forever! you should get what i mean! bye..

13 Agt 2011

short story

hiiiiiiii hellies. just posted just now post-link to twitter and someone caught it. read every single posts i've posted since the very first time i started to type everthing i can't say out in the reality. i choose to tell everything at here rather than say them out hardly. i have no intention to delete all those old posts. let them be as dust-posts in way i can re-read them and realize how pathetic my old posts are:D tell all the stories behind that dustiess and feel a little bit free, past's past right? no need to complicate it. emmm i have nothing else to type,back to my first doing-list ; study.
see ya! ☺

helly resurrection ☺

saying helloooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!♪
busy weeks,have so many things to do ; homeworks and exams are so not welcome,sigh!
did bad at presentation,got eleven minus,however we've tried our best.
emmm emm wondering something,something which is so complicated.
need mood-booster,often lost my mood in sudden and helliesss,it happened without any reason.
brunos and friends are stepped aside,have played "thingy covers" for more than 30 times i think teheeeeee♥
got a song from someone,so mean! was created by himself yeyyy. will do the cover when i get paradisooo free day,see ya! ☺

5 Agt 2011

a happy is back!

hiiiii bedbug ☺ long time i did'nt update any and didn't touch this blog. MISSY!
just got home,will have chemistexam tomorrow. have to go to Emy for monthly bracets control tonight. captured so many photos at school these lately two days. and hell from so many photos,i'm just looked good at some of them *blaming my face*

blame my bangs

and this is,with lovely sanny ♥


Cute Running Puppy