21 Sep 2012

heaviest tiny thing

when someone cries so hard that it hurts their throat,it is out of frustration or knowing that no matter what you can do or attempt to do can change the situation. when you feel like you need to cry,when you want to just get it out, relieve some of the pressure from the inside - that is true pain. because no matter how hard you try or how bad you want to, you can't. that pain just stays in place. then, if you are lucky, one small tear may escape from those eyes that water constantly. that one tear, that tiny, salty, droplet of moisture is a means of escape. although it's just a small tear, it is the heaviest thing in the world. and it doesn't do a damn thing to fix anything. sitting, typing, staring, breathing and aching.
currently uber addicted w aj rafael's we could happen,justin bieber's catching feeling. sick w maroon5's beautiful goodbye. they are keep echoing in my head,till the time when you read this unimportant post.

it has been said, 'time heals all wounds.' i do not agree. the wounds remain. in time,the mind,protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. but it is never gone.” 

- Rose Kennedy-

20 Sep 2012

i will never understand why i ended up this way or what the reason was for. i'll never understand why this world is so fucked up and barely anyone cares. i'll never understand how people can say they love someone then leave them. i'll never understand a lot of things,like why people lie,cheat and steal. why they are rude,mean,bitchy,horrible and inconsiderate. i'll never understand how pain never goes away. i'll never understand love or hate.
i'll never understand life and everything in it. never.


19 Sep 2012


i've realized since that day. someday,everything will freeze and nothing can melt it. finally,......that someday arrives. idk why but i feel i'm getting used to it. this is the second times and am like have been immuned. numb gustation,is what i've never felt before. everything seems so empty.
college life ain't fun as what i thought. i do prefer high school much. nauseated everyday,eyes bag getting blacker and thicker each day. but.......should i feel glad bcause there's no more reason for me to sleep late anymore? 

Cute Running Puppy